How It Started

The Renewable Energy Producers Electric Power Cooperative (REPCO) was formed in 1993 to aid owners of Jacobs Wind Electric Systems who had few or no options after their initial dealer or installer had moved on. Many of the owners and operators of these wind machines were in agriculture and the concept of a cooperative seemed to fit the concept of farming the wind. The way a coop is constructed also allowed for the best service at the lowest cost of overhead to the owner making ongoing maintenance less of a headache.

Paul Jacobs, the general manager of REPCO, had been co-creator of the Jacobs Wind Electric Systems with his father Marcellus Jacobs and ran a test site since the early 80s at his residence. This test site is still operational today and continues to be the source of refinement to the thirty year old design. These upgrades and improvements are now made available to REPCO members to help improve the efficiency and durability of these systems.

With the help of coop members and those who formerly built these machines, many known trouble issues were brought in check and allowed them to continue doing what they were designed to do, produce energy.

Advocating for Energy Producers

Production of the energy is a major part of the equation, but maybe just as important is what happens to that energy when the owner doesn’t use all of it and wishes to sell it to a utility. This is another reason that REPCO was formed. The current set of metering laws (which do vary by state) weren’t always as friendly as they are today. Hooking a new system up to the grid, or restarting one that’s been out of commission, can also have its red tape and pitfalls. By joining together, REPCO members get the added benefit of a block bargaining position as opposed to just one individual. Sometimes, though, it’s just a matter of knowing the right avenue to take or understanding what your rights are. This is also where we look out for our members’ interests.

Moving Forward

Spreading primarily by word of mouth, REPCO has slowly increased its service area to include more wind systems each year. During this time improvements have continued to be applied to members’ systems. Reduced system wear from new components both mechanical and electrical has and is being worked on. New control cards that fit into existing systems have been produced and are currently being tested that both increase output and reduce wear on moving parts.

Solar energy is also being looked into now as a way to augment the energy production when the wind isn’t blowing but the sun still shines. REPCO was formed for renewable energy producers and isn’t discriminate towards the method of production, we just happen to be most knowledgeable on the Jacobs systems.

Today we continue to service and improve our members’ systems. If you would like to become a part of REPCO contact us by phone or email provided to the right of this page. You can also fill out the online form. If you don’t have a Jacobs machine but are still interested in REPCO, we’d still very much like to hear from you.

Also, if you had any interest in the Jacobs Wind Electric company beyond what you find on this site, visit for more information

Rural Energy Producers Electric Power Cooperative